Thursday 16 May 2013

Farewell my best friend

Tonight marks the end of an era. For the last eighteen years I have shared my life with my four-legged friends. My beloved Sammy passed away 51 weeks again and today I said goodnight to my other companion, Sonny Jim.

I didn't choose Sonny Jim, or Scooby as he was called back then. As a collie cross, I expected to have my work cut out. As the years went by, people kept assuring me he would calm down. Whilst it was great to see him running around fields and enjoying life, it could be tiresome - especially after a full day at work. We coped though, and boy did we walk the miles!

It was only after taking part in Race for Life together in 2009 (aged 13) that I finally started to see the calm setting in. It was quite a shock to the system to see such an active dog start to slow down and not need so many or such long walks. We tailored our activities to make sure no-one over did it. It didn't help that around this time both boys were diagnosed with heart murmurs. Not that this stopped the walks though.

So on we walked. Our move to Wiltshire was probably one of the best decisions ever. Sad to move away from close family and friends, but what a choice we had for our walks. It has only been in the past year since losing Sammy that the walks stopped. Sadly the arthritis took hold and the muscle wastage meant standing was more of a challenge than going for a walk.

You cannot understate the worth of companionship with our four legged friends. My life would have been so empty without both my dogs. And since losing Sammy, Sonny Jim became my rock. Many of our family and friends worried how he would cope without Sammy. He surprised us all though and almost made it to the anniversary next week.

So to all dog lovers out there, I salute you. Give your dogs a big hug from me and cherish every single moment you have together. I have many years of fabulous memories - and for this reason my dogs are my latest rave for this blog.

Good night dear Sonny Jim, I wish you a safe journey to join Sammy. Remember to visit me in my dreams and I look forward to being reunited with you one day in the future. Lettie and Lady Bella also send you their love too and we all hope you are now able to rest in peace.


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